November 9, 2009

The dreaded "C" word!

So, in an earlier post, I mentioned the dreaded "C" word (Christmas).  I know, I know!  It seems like it comes around earlier and earlier every year.  But really??  It's just around the corner. 

I am running extremely late this year (it seems) because I like to start early.  That doesn't mean that I finish early though....that just gives me more time to buy more stuff.  Why??  I don't know.  Let's blame it on my childhood.  (why not?)

But, in utter defiance to my usual ways, this year I am making a list for me.  Usually, I am too worried about what everyone else is getting to even think about what I might want.  Although this is still true this year; I have started to think about things I might want (yes, extremely selfish, I know.  But hubby always asks, and I never have an answer.)

So Santa-baby, this is what I think I might like this year:

A new laptop that is mine; all mine!  With no grubby fingers or big, pounding ones to touch it!!!  (this will never happen in a million years!  Who am I kidding?)

I seriously want Man-Child to get a new iPod.  Why?  So I can have his.  I never really thought I wanted an iPod; my CD's were fine...but now I'm thinking (especially since they  keep stealing my cd's....) - maybe I want one and this would be a good way to try one out.

Two pairs of diamond studs.  Why?  Because, unfortunately, I just lost one.  But, I seriously need two pair - one smaller than the other - so that I can adorn my ears beautifully.

A shed.  Yes, you read that right.  I want a shed so that all the crap in my garage can be moved to the shed and I can park my car where it belongs.  In the garage!  (I'd show a picture of what total hell my garage looks like - but it's on my work computer. Truly?  I shouldn't be saving pictures to the work computer....) (and actually?  This might be in the works soon!!)

Other than that - I can't think of anything else I might want (that I wouldn't buy myself).  Is it a bit extravagent?  Yes.  Do I deserve it?  Yes.  Will I get it?  No.  (except maybe the iPod; since I'm in charge of Man-Child's gifts).  But a girl can dream; can't she?


  1. Awww, you deserve it all and more, will you get it? I can't answer that.
    This year I have started buying a few bits myself for the children to give me. ;0)

  2. Ooops, I visited to tell you there is an award for you at mine. X

  3. I'm not sure the story of my shed is on my blog NOW, or was on my old one. But I bought a shed when I bought my house. Chris went with me (we weren't married or living together) and told the lady at Lowe's that we did NOT need the floor or anchoring system, because you know, it won't blow away, right?

    Yea, late that winter (we were married now) it blew away TWICE! And now all my crap is in the garage and I HATE it!

    I want a pair of Diamond Studs, too. That's it. Nothing else.

    And I've started my shopping! Woo Hoo!

  4. Chic - thank you, thank you! I'll be by soon to pick it up. And, definitely buy some things for yourself! You deserve them!

    Bina - how funny! Don't you hate when that happens! Hope all is well with you!