November 13, 2009

A New Driver is on the Road (somebody save me!)

I had at least ten years taken off my life this morning – ten years which I am definitely not ready to give up.  Why, you ask with ever so much concern?  This was the first morning I allowed Man-Child to drive us to the school.  I haven’t yet allowed him to do so because the weather has been absolutely horrendous; driving rain, wind gusts that practically blow the car right of the road.  It was scary enough having me drive in it. 

He seems to do all right – unless there are other cars around (which could pose problems – since there will always be other cars on the road!).  I know he’s nervous and with time that will go away.  But oh my hell. 

He also needs to work on his braking.  Sometimes he waits too long to brake (and I am trying very hard not to scream STOP, STOP, FOR GOD’s SAKE STOP!!) and at other times, he brakes way to soon.  In time I know he will figure it out. 

Parking also seems to be a problem.  He doesn’t like to park where other cars are; as a result we end up hiking a mile to get to our destination after parking.  Oh, and he sometimes forgets to put the car in Park before turning off the key.

I know that with time and practice all these issues will be resolved.  In the meantime, do you think it would hurt his confidence any if I hid my face in my hands for the whole ride?


  1. Haha, I would be such a nervous passenger in a car with a new driver! I hope you do ok and your son will get the hang of it.. soon I hope for your sake!

  2. Haha, I let my Kid drive for the first time this morning. Everytime he hit the brakes, he hit them with all he had!!! Good Luck!!

  3. Oh god! None of my kids drive (yet). They've never shown any interest, so far. And I'm fine with that! I'm not sure I could take the strain..

  4. I remember trying to teach my neice to drive in a parking lot with nothing in it. I remember being scared to death because she would all of a sudden go about 50mph then slam on the brakes.
    New drivers = terror

  5. ROFL. I started laughing with the title of the post; I KNEW where you were going. Tooo funny!

  6. I used to take him to parking lots and apartment complexes and he was really pretty good. Now that he's actually on the road - with other cars! It's going to take some time. In the meantime I am quickly, quickly going gray!

  7. Gigi I still dont like to park were there are other cars LOL I always go to a car park where theres plenty of room .. but the worry of my kids driving scares me to death !!!


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