November 14, 2009

Help!! I'm being held hostage in my own car!

Maybe it was a mistake to let Man-Child get his permit.

A big mistake.

Because do you know how my day was spent?  I was pretty much held prisoner in the passenger seat of the car.

Back before he had the permit; I could get time alone by "running errands."   Because really?  Why would he want to go with me anywhere?

No more.  Now, it is constant - "Mom, do you need to go somewhere?"  "Mom, we need to run to Target."  "Mom, we need to go to the grocery."

I tried to sneak out of the house this morning.  For some "alone" time. 

As I was applying my lipstick (I should have run before then!), Man-Child appeared in the doorway.

"Where are you going?"  he asked (oh so innocently).

Thinking quickly I replied, "Christmas shopping."  Surely this would buy me some alone time.  Hmmm, not so much.

He wanted me to come home early so that I could take him to lunch.  Read between the lines to mean: he wanted to drive me to lunch and whatever other errands I might have.  NOT that he really wanted to spend time with me.

::sigh::  I fear that any alone time I might have had is gone!  Do you hear me?  GONE! 

Soon you will find me sitting in a corner; rocking and eating my own hair.  And it's all because, I let him get his permit.  Be warned, my friends!  Be warned!

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  1. Enjoy .. it wont be forever.. you will be begging him soon xxxx