November 24, 2009

Oh my hell! Really?

Man-Child is going to drive me to drink!!! (more than  I already do - thank you very much!)

He just discovered that no; I don't have the day off tomorrow.  Immediately the whining began....what am I going to do tomorrow?!!  (He hates being left home alone; although as a small child he just COULDN'T wait to be left home!).

Then he discovered that the computer wouldn't be home either!  (because the screen MUST be fixed; before my eyes go COMPLETELY crazy.). 

The whining that ensued would have definitely impressed a 4 year old. 

Then he tried to persuade me to drop him off at a local shopping center for the day.  Are you freakin' kiddin' me?  To leave him, from approximately 8:30 am until 5:00 pm?  Ummmm - ain't happening sweetheart. 

Besides the fact that he would be BORED out of his mind by 9:30 am and then calling me (or his dad) to take him home? NOT HAPPENING!!!

He can stay home.  With his phone (that semi-works after the "incident") and the TV; he'll be fine.

And if I am feeling nice enough - maybe I'll even bring him lunch.  Maybe.  ('Cause at the moment - I'm not feeling so nice.)


  1. Are there no buses?
    How old is Man-Child?
    Have more drink I say!!


  2. I'm in shock that Man-Child wants to go anywhere near a shopping centre. The "man" and "child" in my house would both rather eat their own heads...

  3. BNM; we live outside the city limits of a town that is NOT metropolitan in any way. So no buses out here - and the transportation system in the city? Sketchy at best.

    Mummmmeeee - he only wants to get out of the house; he hates being stuck in it alone - he's too social.