November 25, 2009

A crucial bit of advice before you begin cooking tomorrow.

As Thanksgiving is tomorrow – I thought I’d share with you an episode from my kitchen and the lesson learned.

As you all know; I don’t cook.  I can’t cook.  I hate to cook. (But, I love baking – go figure).  I have been asked NOT to cook.

A little background – Hubby has to work just about every Thanksgiving (yes, his job sucks!).  So generally, he’ll pop the turkey in the oven before he heads off and has usually done a lot of prep work the night before.  We will then have our dinner a bit later than the usual family.

One Thanksgiving about two years ago things were hectic and as we were expecting more guests that year I, being the ever-wonderful wife that I am, offered to prepare the potatoes and yams while he was at work.  I figured between Man-Child and myself we could peel and boil the potatoes and the yam recipe looked easy enough.  I mean, it’s not like it’s rocket-science, right?  (Famous last words – How hard can it be?)

We set to peeling the potatoes from the GINORMOUS bag.  Apparently, Hubby planned on making a VAT of mashed potatoes.  It took us forever; but eventually we got it done and the potatoes on to boil.

We then moved on to the yams.  We read the recipe and began.  Guess what?  The recipe left out one crucial direction.  This recipe was not meant for newbies in the kitchen. 

Did you know that you are supposed to par-boil yams before you attempt to peel or quarter them??  I didn’t.  Do you know just how difficult it is to peel or quarter an un-par-boiled yam?  I do.  It’s a miracle that neither Man-Child or I didn’t saw off a finger or two during this process!

Hubby came in around the time we were about done hacking away at those damn yams.  And proceeded to laugh hysterically.  Yeah – not funny.  How was I supposed to know?  It’s not like I’m a chef.  Hell, I don’t even like yams (now, after all that - I really don’t like them).

Man-Child did inform me after all was said and done that the yams were delicious.  Great.

So – for those of you venturing into the kitchen for the first time tomorrow – par-boil those yams before you do anything with them and have a big bottle of wine handy; you’ll need it.


  1. Can't I just have the wine without the yams? They sound far too stressy...

  2. Thankfully I dont have thanksgiving but I hope yours is a good one.. I have an old friend coming for the weekend though and she is a Veggie and we are carnivores so I need to stretch my imagination a little ... Happy Thanksgiving xxx

  3. My mind goes to mush when I read or think about cooking.

    I JUST learned how to make a grilled cheese...and even that was tough.


  4. muummmmeeeee - yes you may and I'll join you.

    Choleesa - good question. That's exactly what I said when Hubby finished laughing and told me that they had to be par-boiled first. Apparently, you put them in water and partially boil them. How long does that take? Don't ask me I don't know!

    Wildernesschic - Thank you and I hope you enjoy your company (even if she is a veggie!)

    Summer - grilled cheese is beyond my capabilities.

  5. I wouldn't have known that either.
    Have a lovely day tomorrow. xxxx

  6. Hi. I came in from Fhina's blog. There is a lot of stuff nobody ever tells you.

    Enjoy your turkey dinner tomorrow.

  7. I have been known to cook on occasion but I wouldn't have known you should par-boil yams before cooking them. Sounds complicated!

  8. Uh oh. I'm making roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes. I've never made it before. I'll let you know if I lose a finger!