November 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

***Disclaimer: this post is really, really boring.  So if you have nothing better to do feel free to read it.  If you do have something better to do (like laundry), I strongly suggest that you go do that instead.*** The Management

So, Friday I discovered that Man-Child is actually doing pretty well in school (so far) this year.  Cause for much celebration.

Saturday we had the Halloween party that has caused much angst between two friends.  Plus I had to listen to my guys grumble all day.  We arrived and it was kind of a slow start.  Mainly because we really didn't know anybody there.  Hubby was being terribly un-sociable which is so not like him.  At first I kind of stuck with him.  But he wouldn't do anything.  He wanted to sit on the deck, which was pretty much deserted.  I finally abandoned him - what's the point of being at a party if you are going to sulk in the corner?  They had a haunted hayride; which was lots of fun.  It wasn't scary - except to the little ones and that's what made it fun.  One little guy kept saying, "It scared the pee out of me!!!  Can I do it again?"  Toward the end I met some new people and had a good time chatting with them.  There were some very original costumes.  One woman came dressed in scrubs with a pig nose on; she was swine flu.  Another woman came with a black wig and a Snugli stuffed with 8 baby dolls - yup, you guessed it; Octomom!  Very clever.

Sunday.  Oh my.  Sunday exhausted me the most.  Man-Child wanted to spend the day with a friend of his.  He had it all planned out.  A trip to Gander Mountain (if you don't know this store is dedicated to hunting, fishing, more hunting, etc.  Basically, all things male) (the purpose of this trip was supposedly for me to find a birthday gift for hubby-yeah right.), the movies and a trip to the mall.  Now, while I love shopping I can't stand the mall.  Particularly our mall.  Drives me mad.  But I had agreed on Saturday that Man-Child could spend the day with his buddy.  Around 11:00 am we pick up his friend.  Drive across town to Gander Mountain.  I spend maybe 15 minutes in the store before I head out to the car - telling M-C where I'll be and to come out in a few.  Eventually, they come out. 

Since it's too early for the show I take them to lunch.  They decide on CiCi's Pizza.  Oh well, at least it was cheap, if not exactly fine dining.  Or for that matter even okay dining.  Then I dropped them off at the movies which is located on the other side of town.  At last!  An hour and a half to myself.  I ran a few errands.  Got back to the theater on time.  They were no where to be seen.  I texted M-C.  He informs me that the movie isn't over.  So I sit and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Apparently, this movie was two hours long.  I'm actually surprised I wasn't visited by a cop who may have thought I was loitering in the parking lot planning nefarious deeds.

Eventually they emerge.  And it's off to the dreaded mall that is located .... you guessed....back across town.  As I walk around the mall it dawned on me - these kids that were hanging out were our future.  And you know what?  With some of them, that scares the holy hell out of me!!  You don't know what I'm talking about?  Head to your mall and look at some of them.  Hopefully, they will mature A LOT before they become adults AND hopefully, their fashion tastes will change dramatically! 

After about an hour of this torture (I did reward myself with a new pair of shoes though) I dragged them out of there and headed home.  Finally around 5:00 pm I dropped of the friend and by 5:20 or so was home.  ::sigh::  Turns out it was a good thing I hadn't stayed home.  Hubby's team lost.  Badly.  So at least I missed all the loud cursing at the television screen.

Now that Halloween is behind us - we can look forward to the insanity that is the HOLIDAYS!!!

Oh. My. Hell!  The holidays!  I'm soooo not ready for that.


  1. ...I didn't read this post, because you said it was boring. But I read the last one, and I thought the backwards contact story was funny. I mostly just wanted to let you know that I really like your blog layout.

  2. Ahhh, Adelaide... the backward contact story is only funny if you haven't had to deal with it yourself!

  3. Did you notice that the 80's are back in fashion? Little Madonna look a likes running around. I had to actually laugh.
    I am glad you had fun at your Halloween party though

  4. I hate our mall, too. There is never anywhere to park, people are rude, and 1/2 of them are teenagers who are laughing, acting stupid and thinking they look "cool" and it drives me freaking nuts!

    So what movie did they go see that was 2 hours long?

  5. Jody - yup the 80's are back. Yay skinny jeans! Big hair! Not so much yay for the madonna look. Or the big baggy saggy pants that the guys seem to like.

    Bina - You hit the nail on the head. That is exactly why I hate the mall. The boys went to see Couples Retreat. They said it was okay.

  6. you had a really busy weekend. At least you got a pair of shoes. :0)