November 16, 2009

Word verification....or is it just me??

Some time back someone (sorry can't remember who - and am far to lazy to investigate) did a post on word verification - and how it drove her crazy.  I sympathized and moved on.

Now I know what she meant (I do remember it was a she - had to be - I only follow one guy blogger as of yet).

When I comment, I am an enthusiastic commenter (or is it commentor?  Not sure, again too lazy to check tonight).  And more and more I am finding that I post a comment with gusto.  I hit post and then immediately hit close - because I am ready to move on to my next excellent read (of which there are so many!). 

Only to realize as the window is closing that word verification has popped up.  Damn.  My comment is gone.  Unless I have the energy to go back and re-open the post and try to re-create my comment (and you know - sometimes - that second comment just doesn't have the right "zip" to it).  Do you know how often this has happened to me in the past 24 hours alone??

Granted, I am an impatient soul and sometimes make a move quicker than I should; so in deference to those that still have word verification - I will attempt to slow down.  But....

With all that being said.  As of this minute - word verification on this blog is gone!  Spammers be damned!  (But really?  Spammers - here?  What is there to spam here about??  I don't know; I guess we will find out together and deal with it as the issue(s) arise.).

So comment away - without having to worry about word verification! 

You are welcome.


  1. Do I have that on my blog? I know it is irritating when I have to add it in on other blogs.

  2. I can't remember Jody. But if you go into your settings you can easily change it one way or the other.