November 21, 2009

Somebody tell me where the money tree is!

You all remember, I am not a morning person and definitely like to have my coffee and read the paper before interacting with the world, right?

So this is how I was greeted this morning as I stumbled into the kitchen looking for coffee:

Hubby:  "YOU need to TALK to YOUR son!!!!  (with a scowly, mean face).
Me:  "Wha....?"
Hubby:  YOUR son woke me up last night yelling and cussing!"
Me: "Wha....?"
Hubby: "HE broke the computer AND his phone last night!!"
Me:  "WHAT?"

And the conversation went on from there.  Hubby assumed that Man-Child was angry and broke the  computer and phone.  Turns out that WASN'T what happened.  Apparently, Man-Child dropped the laptop and tried to catch it by grabbing the screen - not a good idea.

He was yelling and cussing (bad boy) because he knew that he screwed up.  And he was so mad at himself that when he yanked his phone from his pocket - it landed screen first onto the tile; effectively screwing up his phone.  Poor guy was having a rough night from the sound it. (Thank God I slept through all this!)

So, off we go to the computer repair guy.  $150 and it'll be fixed by Wednesday (luckily we can use it - kinda - until then).

Off to Verizon to see what can be done about phone.  Verizon folks are great.  The guy told my son that since he told him the truth (that he dropped it) he would replace the phone free of charge.  Good - no not good, EXCELLENT.  And life lesson learned - it pays to be truthful.

Upon arriving home, Hubby informs me that the propane tank is empty (which he HAD to have because he REFUSES to cook without gas.).  $400.

Then there is the "shed" which hubby has decided that must be built RIGHT NOW (yes, I want the shed too but I was willing to wait until, say...AFTER Christmas) - approximately $1,200 (that's a conservative estimate).

::sigh::  When it rains it pours.  So if someone could please point me in the direction of the nearest money tree I'd be much obliged!

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  1. If you find a money tree, you better tell me where it is! :)