November 29, 2009

It's articles like this one that remind me why I read the paper in the first place.....

I'm recreating this article (because I've searched high and low and can't find a link to the story anywhere!)

It's moose-taken; identity: Man cleared of killing wife

Stockholm - Swedish police say they've cleared a man arrested for allegedly murdering his wife after deciding the culprit was likely a moose.

Police spokesman Ulf Karlson says "the improbable has become probable" in the puzzling death last year of 63-year old Ageneta Westlund.  She was found dead after an evening stroll in the forest.

According to news reports, the victim's husband, Ingemar Westlund, was jailed for 10 days.  The case against him was dropped in January.

- Wire Reports

My question is - just how did the moose kill her that made them think the hubby did it?  Did the moose have a vendetta againts Mr. Westlund and decided to frame him?

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