November 10, 2009

Another award! I’m humbled.

The ever-lovely, fantastically sweet Chic Mama has awarded me with this:

Dragons_Loyalty_AwardJPG Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Thank you so very much!

In return I would like to nominate the following:

Bina at Just Another Day

Woman of No Importance

Lee at Weber's World - The Way I See It


Mummyof5Monsters (soon to be 6!) at Chapman Crazy House

Now go forth and spread the love!


  1. Woo Hoo!!! I think torrow I will post my three awards. I have been SO bad about it!

    Okay, so is this award because I read "almost" all your entries?? I mean, I TRY to read them all, but somtimes I miss one.

  2. What the hell is "torrow" and how did I live out the mo? Okay, TOMORROW!

  3. This is very sweet of you, Gigi, and the Dragon is highly adorable - Many many thanks for this gift!

    Love, Fhina x

  4. thanks girl!! I just got cuaght up on your posts- great ones! I've ordred Christmas presents too- it's easier to get jump on it- and straight into the POD they went!

  5. Ahhhhhh...thanks for even considering me! I thought it was funny when you said, "I don't know if you do awards." Girl, that was too funny because actually, I don't (lol). I get so many I can't keep up with them and I have no room for them! This doesn't mean I'm ungrateful does it? I truly am humbled that someone would even think to give me an award and that means more to me than the award itself. Thanks so much! You know I LOVE you and your blog!