November 10, 2009

The Games People Play

Can someone please explain to me why certain people insist on playing games?  It drives me insane.

Little background – we requested a color copier for our department with the stipulation that it could be used by anyone on our floor.  The shocker was that we actually received it (shocking because this company is in the dark ages technologically-speaking – if they could they would still have us using typewriters and carbon paper!).

Once it was installed, we realized that we had the capability to print to it as well.  We decided not to have everyone mapped to it so that it wouldn’t be misused.  We figured if someone needed the capability, they would ask for it.

We should have known.  This one person, who is known for her game-playing skills; pouting; and starting trouble wasn’t initially mapped.  Mainly because she rarely needs to print color documents.  When she discovered that the copier would also print and that she wasn’t mapped to it; well, let’s just say the pouting began in earnest.  I told her to call IT and they would map her.  She never did.  Another woman told her the same thing.  Again, she never did.

Today, after complaining (again) about not being mapped to it; I reminded her to call IT.  A little later she came by my desk and mentioned that she had called IT who told her that she had to have a VP’s approval (baloney!).  Tired of her game-playing (and knowing that she would use the “I’m being excluded” card later on down the road to stir up trouble); I took it upon myself to contact IT.  Guess what?  They are coming up later today to deal with it – no VP approval necessary.  I haven’t told the woman.  Let her be surprised.

Why?  Why do some people absolutely insist on being so difficult and start up trouble for no reason?

I realize this is one un-happy woman.  But does that give her the right to make everyone else’s life difficult?  No. 

I try really hard to get along with everyone in the office; whether I like them or not. 

But this woman . . . some days I just want to slap her silly!

Then I try to remember this . . .

“Kindness is in our power; even when fondness is not.”  Samuel Johnson

I think I may need to keep re-reading this today….


  1. Get it out!! Office politics....yes some people just enjoy moaning, I've come to that conclusion. :0(

  2. People like this are little control freaks, another description is frustrating bullies ! Drive me mental !

  3. Oh I think you nailed it. More often then not..the biggest whiners are those that are the saddest people.

  4. I know the kind you speak of. There is a lady here that is the same way. Bit whiney baby, trouble maker, never happy woman who has threatened to quit at least for 15 years when she doesn't get her own way or she gets mad.

    I just try to ignore her, smile and say hi, and just go on.

  5. Chic - by "get it out" do you mean I should go ahead and slap her to get it out of my system?? LOL.

  6. right behind you girl, I'll slap her too! Thank god we sold our hosue, because my BOSS- unfortunately- was the game player. So passive-aggressive, it's almost sadistic. I hope she fall into a hole, a very very deep one.