November 6, 2009

It's Friday night AND I have the house to myself!!

Whooo-hooooo!!!  Do you know what this means??

Of course you don't.  You don't live here.  It means complete and total silence (except for the yappy dogs next door).

The T.V. isn't on.  Music isn't playing.  Boys aren't talking at FULL volume.

Total silence....except for the crickets chirping and the sound of me typing.

Pure bliss.

Do you know how rare this is for me?  Hubby gets it often.

He gets it when I take Man-Child out because he wants to go shopping (now that he's actually  become semi-fashion conscious)  or when he just wants to get out of the house (hmmm, probably gets this from me) or when I take Man-Child away for a quick just me-and-him vacation (which I try to do at least once a year, before he reaches the point that he totally doesn't want to be seen with me anywhere - which is around the corner, I fear).

I've really only had the house to myself once.  EVER.  And that's because I had an ABSOLUTE, TOTAL meltdown FIT in order to get it.   Hubby was seriously worked up over it too - I'm sure because he thought
I didn't want to spend time with his daughter - which was so not true.  It was because I NEVER get any alone time at the house. 

Yes, I get it when I go out to "run errands" on the weekends; occasionally.  But that's just it; I have to leave my home in order to get it. 

Sometimes, I want to be home.  ALONE. 

Is that so hard to comprehend?

No, I didn't think so. 

So tonight M-C is at a football game (go team!); hubby got bored (rather quickly, I might add) being home (and not being able to fall asleep on the couch) and went out to see what was out there at Home Depot before heading to the game and so here I am.  All alone.  In a quiet house.  ::sigh::


Hmmm....what was that noise??

Oh darn!!  They are home already!  :-)


  1. Well, nothing lasts forever. Back to reality for you. I'm glad you had some time to yourself.

  2. I love to have sometime alone, since my husband retired that is rare. Although I dont mind we get on well .. its just I am now a full time mum again .. what are we having for breakfast ?..Lunch..? No wonder I have gained weight!!
    When on the rare occasion he isnt here we always seem to have some builder as we are renovating .. Ahh I envy your evening

  3. I completely understand. Sometimes it's nice to have the quiet. When I'm home alone, I like laying out on the couch and watching whatever I want on the TV!

  4. Oh, I know that feeling.... I wanna see your new hair!! POST SOME PICS! I'm sure you look fabulous.

  5. I rarely rarely ever get the quiet time. The honey gets a lot. I go up to my grandmothers for the weekend once a month or so. So he has two days of bliss.
    In a year I get if I am incredibly lucky two days. Didn't happen this year though :(
    It is pretty bad when you look forward to them running around trying to shoot bambi.
    And how freaking heart tugging was your blog about your son getting his permit. UGH.