November 4, 2009

So, I did it.....

I took the plunge.

I cut all my hair off.

I've been thinking about it for some time now.  But today, I did it.  Had I not been having such a bad hair day, I probably wouldn't have gone this short; but I was -- so I did.

I haven't had my hair this short in 15 years!!  The last time I had semi-short hair (not that it's ever been really long!!)  Man-Child was probably about 5 and he burst into tears when I walked in the door.  He didn't cry this time, but didn't seem too pleased with it.  He even mentioned that I looked weird (thanks - what a way to boost my confidence kid).

Hubby looked surprised (I don't think he actually thought I would do it), but said that he always thought I looked fine with short hair.  Hmmmm, my question is, "define the word fine. Does that mean hot?  Chic?  Or just okay?"  Needless to say we've been married long enough that he is smart enough not to answer that question incorrectly.

It is a bit shorter than I envisioned; but I like it.  Will I like having to have it trimmed more often?  Probably not; particularly since I am a MAJOR procastinator when it comes to cutting my hair.  Rick, my guy, even said that he was sure he'd be seeing me more often now.  When it was longer, sometimes it would be months and months between visits.  Sometimes I was surprised he even remembered who I was!

My guy is FABULOUS!  He has never given me a bad cut - and he's so sweet and adorable.  (If anyone lives even remotely around here - you must check him out!  No, I'm not getting any freebies or discounts for that plug!  Hmmm; but maybe I should float that by him....)

I'd post a picture - but I don't have one yet.  And besides, do you know how long it took me to find one that I liked well enough to post before?  And then how long it took me to get up the courage to actually post one????  I generally despise most pictures of it may be a while.  Besides, there usually aren't any of me since I am the one wielding the camera (a complaint I hear often enough from friends, thank you very much.) and the ones that do get taken generally showcase me with my eyes closed (don't ask me why - but I have a real problem with keeping them open when the camera goes click).

In other news .... (if it qualifies) our last official football game is tomorrow.  I don't know the official "stats" but suffice it to say we've only won one game - and Man-Child wasn't there.  So you all must send your good thoughts this way - we need it DESPERATELY!!   But M-C has informed us that coach told the sophomores that if they wanted they could be included on the Varsity team for the play-offs.  Doesn't necessarily mean that they'll play but it would mean that the season would go on a bit more.  Of course, he wants to do it.  So I guess we'll be heading out to a few more games yet. 


  1. It will grow back.

    Is it too short for 'running fingers' through it?

  2. I love short hair. I'm going to get mine cut so I can have a faux-hawk.

  3. Okay, where do you live? If it's near Clarsville or Nashville TN email me and let me know. I havne't found anyone who can cut my hair in a way that I love since I lived in Hawaii, and I moved from there in '91!!!!!

    PLEASE post a picture!

  4. Bina - I'm about 7 hours from Nashville...if you were desperate enough...I'll post a picture soon (I hope)

  5. I did the big chop over a year ago and I love it!! FREEDOM! I keep it short and if I weren't married, I'd be bald for sure!

    Firstborn's last football game is tonight. Yipppeee! Whatever will we do? practice begins Monday. Thank God I love sports!

  6. You know on Tuesday I watched V. The main alien lady had super short hair. And for the first time ever I thought I wonder what I would look like with hair that short.
    My hair goes to the middle of my back.

    That you actually cut your hair short... BRAVO for getting past the fear.

  7. You know Jody (and Bina, for that matter) there are websites out there where you can upload a picture of your face and "try" on different hairstyles virtually to see what you think you might like.

  8. Ooooo- you are sooo brave. I had my long hair cut to a crop when I was 8 months+ pregnant with number 2. Loved it until he was born, then detested it. Never again. It is now long and will stay that way until I am too old for long hair.
    We have to see a picture. :0))

  9. Have been short, same as chic mama when I was pregnant. I have grown it back long with the help of extensions which now have been removed and its long on its own .. I am a hairdresser I dont think there is an age that is too old for long hair its wether you suit it or not .. I do not suit short hair but i you do there is nothing more flattering :0 Hope you enjoy it and the freedom it brings and as they say it will grow back if you dont.