November 22, 2009

I have 30 friends!! And homework hell.

Well my, my.  I've reached 30 "friends."  How the hell did that happen?  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  I like even numbers.  Don't ask me why, I don't know.  Always have.  Could be something to do with the OCD problem that I have?  (It's minor. my opinion!)  (What do you mean it's not normal to have everything just so??  IT IS I'M TELLING YOU; IT IS!)

So welcome to Sarah (do you have ANY idea how much randomness you are in for?) - it will be fun - I promise!

So today; Man-Child once again took me hostage in my car.  Then proceeded to get pissy with me because I actually had errands to run.  He informed me that he was not my personal chauffer.  Really?  Then why the hell are you spending so much time with me?  (It's not like he was jumping for joy before to run errands with me)  He just wants access to my car.  Do I really look like I was born yesterday?!  (Definitely NOT!)

Anyway; Man-Child has a school project that is due Monday.  Surprisingly, he informed me of this on Thursday (usually I have about 4 hours notice!).  So we have spent a majority of the weekend working on said project.  I set up the initial page and had him deal with the remainder (about 26 pages as he had to create a booklet from A-Z on the Scarlet Letter) (He actually did a VERY good job!).

I then had to shell out cash for color ink; apparently ours had run dry.

I then had to shell out more cash for black ink; because apparently if you don't print often the ink dries up - EVEN THOUGH IT HASN'T RUN OUT YET! (tell me this is not a conspiracy with the ink people!  I dare you!  Do you have ANY idea how many times this has happened to me??).

Then I had to buy more cardstock; because they didn't have anymore of the kind we had previously bought; half of which was wasted because the black ink ran out!

So in total?  We spent about $70 for homework.  (Not counting the time I spent "tweaking" it for Man-Child - cause, yes, my time is valuable and I count it!).

Oh. My. Hell!!!  When I was his age we did book reports.  Plain and simple.  Pen and paper.  Now?  Apparently, a lot more is expected (which is fine; that's why we are paying for this expensive education, right?) but come on!  What about those parents that can't do all the "extras?"  I mean seriously??  Ink is NOT cheap!  Even if you get it from the recycled ink stores (which, in all!  So you end up having to buy the real stuff anyway). 

If he doesn't get an A out of this project .... there will be hell to pay!


  1. "do you have ANY idea how much randomness you are in for?"

    I like random, that is where I live LOL, which is probably why I clicked "follow" ... makes me feel better to know it's not just me ( :

    British mum to a mini Italian in Lombardia.

  2. Does cost a fortune doing projects at home.

  3. I'm sure M-C appreciates all the hard work! And ink is expensive! Holy cow, I print everything at work, haha.